Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In the Presence of An Apostle

"The reason I didn´t email last week was because we got a surprise phone call Sunday night...

So this phone call was basically the best news ever! Our zone was invited to travel to the city of Goiania to hear an apostle (Elder Russell M Nelson) speak! Words can´t describe the spirit that was there in the meeting (that´s not the word I want to use, but I can´t think of the English translation for reunião). We took a mission photo with them and got to shake their hands. I can honestly say that there is NOTHING better than being in a room full of missionaries listening to an apostle speak."

"Last week we had 3 baptisms: Maria da Conceição, Carlos, and Samuel. We are preparing Samuel to be a future missionary. He´s so excited about the gospel and just a hoot. Last week after we finished a lesson, he asked Sister Judd if she worked out because her arms are super muscular. I asked “What about me?” And he responded that I was “sedimentary” and that I only got points in gym for attendance. Hey!"

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Progressing In The Gospel

"I feel like a mom because I´m so proud when my recent converts progress in the gospel. He (Carlos Enrique) was baptized in March and this past Sunday blessed the sacrament! He also bore his testimony in front of the entire congregation! This is why I am serving a mission, to help others come unto Christ. He´s so happy with the gospel in his life and I know that the Lord will be able to use his desire to serve. The couple that was baptized (Celia and Tiago) are so excited to be part of the church and this past Sunday Celia was called to be the 2nd counselor in the Relief Society"

Easter Sunday goodies. They don´t do easter baskets, they do chocolate eggs that are hollow on the inside. The branch president´s wife and Pres. and Sis. Tobias sent us these goodies.
The sweetest pants ever...and super flattering (not!) They were 10 reais, so we really couldn´t resist. They are super comfortable, but the lady in the store was dead serious when she asked us "Are you planning on going out somewhere? Let´s find a blouse to go with the pants" HAHAHAHA!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Singing in Portuguese

Sister Erika Riggs wishing her brother, Michael, a happy birthday!

Funny story: The other day we were looking for the house of a less active member. I had been given the directions to her house by the relief society president...but no one in the ward knew house number, which make things a little difficult. The directions were "she lives on your street (which is suuuuper long), across from the blue hotel, above the "movéis" store." So we walked down our street, found a blue hotel and across the street was a movie store. The only problem was that the movie store only had one one could live above it. So we told the relief society president what had happened and she was super confused when I said there was only one story. She insisted that she lived ABOVE the store and I insisted that there WAS NO ABOVE the store that sold videos. She paused and asked:
Irmã: "videos?what about videos?"
Me: The "movéis" store? The one that rents and sells videos?" turns out that movéis in Portuguese means a place that builds furniture...who would have thought?

It´s rained like crazy this past few days and as you can see in the picture, my umbrella which was supposedly indestructable, just couldn´t handle it.