Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photos Arrived For Christmas!

Due to the large number of missionaries in the MTC, it would be near to impossible for all of them to call home on Christmas day. Though we were not able to hear Erika's voice, we were blessed to open up a wonderful gift from her. . . . . . photos!!! I am sure that she would love for me to share some of these with you. Enjoy them. MERRY CHRISTMAS, from Sister Erika Riggs!!!

"First day with my companions. (L) Sister Kessler (R) Sister Knudsen"

Hallway of the quarantine building. . ."No, none of us have died from weird diseases. . .yet."

"Just doing some laundry."

"We made "We're Thankful for You" turkey hands for all the elders in our district for Thanksgiving Day."

"Aunty Renee sent me goodies!"

. . .and she shared it with her district. "Shaka for Aunty Renee!"

"With our American Sign Language missionary friends, signing 'I Love you!'"

"With adopt-a-district. . .they reported the same day as us." In front of the Provo Temple.

"The day Sister Kessler left for Brazil and the 'tri'umphant became a regular companionship."

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holy Ghost, The Testifier

"This week has been exciting! For starters, yesterday 31 visas came in! All the visas went to missionaries that have been here over their planned 9 weeks."

As Erika's devotes herself to serving the Lord, she has been experiencing spiritual growth. She writes of an experience that she had: "This experience really helped me recognize that it doesn't matter that I don't speak portuguese very well. What matters is that I teach with the Spirit. The Holy Ghost is the testifier, not me. This is a huge help to me and I know that I will remember this experience as I go through my mission, trying to speak in a language I barely know."

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Visas Are Coming Through!

Two of the missionaries in Erika's District have received their visas. One of them was from her threesome companionship.

Erika states about learning the Portuguese language, "Every week we have a personal interview with our teachers to discuss how our MTC stay is going and more specifically how the language and gospel lessons are going. Starting today we are only allowed to speak Portuguese in the classroom. That English at all! I am so stoked because I love Portuguese and now that we will be forced to speak and listen to it, we'll learn it a ton faster. Well one of my teachers...Irmao (Brother) Flanigan was the one that interviewed me. He told me that he was impressed with my ability to pick up the language (Erika has been there for 4 weeks and can speak as well as some 9 weekers)."

As most of you know, Erika loves to sing. "This Sunday the Sisters in our branch are going to be singing the Primary hymn 'Mary's Lullaby' in Portuguese. I love music and the spirit that it brings. Here in the MTC they tweaked the words to 'Bring the World His Truth.' In the MTC it states: 'We ARE NOW the Lord's missionaries.' So true! We are now the Lord's missionaries to bring the world His truth."