Monday, January 24, 2011

Eunice, Ezequiel, Elaine, Rita

Another week flown by here in Patos de Minas. This week was pretty exciting because we got ELDERS!!!! Presidente Prieto really wants the branch to split, so he´s sending some help. We ´re hoping that not only our number of baptisms will increase but that we will be able to bring some less active members back to church

Sister da Silva have found some really great people to teach. Eunice and her son Ezequiel are full of questions and even when they have time to hear "a short lesson" they talk a ton and ask some really great questions. Tonight we´re going to give them the invitation to accept baptism. Our golden investigator Elaine. . . participates in the ward choir every Sunday night and even asked to be put on our lunch calendar! Rita, the mother of a missionary who´s serving in São Paulo is coming to church regularly on her own. This past week she turned down an invitation to go out and drink...success!!! She stopped making coffee at home...success!!! She just needs to stop drinking coffee while she´s working and gain a testimony of the gospel. She doesn´t want to be pressured into being baptized, so we´re focusing on reading the Book of Mormon with her every lesson. She has problems with her sight and can´t spend a lot of time reading. We´re hoping that with a testimony of the Book of Mormon she´ll also gain the desire to be baptized. I know that this would be the best news for her son in the mission field!

The members are ready to help with the work. With both elders and sisters both the Irmãos and Irmãs are going to be going on visits. They´ve been approaching us to pass references and offer to show us where some less active members live. I´m loving how involved they are becoming in the work!

This Friday the missionaries are going to be hosting a fashion show. We´re focusing on the youth, so they´ll be the models of modest clothing and we´re also going to be playing some games that touch on the topics of "For the Strength of the Youth." We´re excited and the members are excited, so it´s going to be a success!!!! (I´ll send photos next week.)

These photos have a great story. I sleep with my bed against the wall under the window. One night there was something banging around in the window and it woke me up 430 in the morning. I shown the cellular´s light but I didn´t see anything, so I tried to go back to sleep. Well...2 days later, the window wouldn´t close and when I looked to see what was blocking the window, I number one!!!! Ugh! I couldn´t bring myself to go anywhere near the lizard, so Sis. da Silva braved it and tried pulling him out...until his tail fell off! With a ruler, toilet paper and a plastic bag, she managed to pry him gross!!!! Another exciting adventure on the mission!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Washing Machine!!!

This week was full of surprises! For starters Presidente Prieto visited our little city of Patos de Minas (almost said Rio Verde) and interviewed both Sis. da Silva and I. He also gave us the best news...we´re going to be getting elders this week!!!! He took a look @ the area map and decided that this area is too big for one companionship and that the sisters need to have Elders. This is going to help a ton with the work here in the city. We had 6 investigators at church this past Sunday and this shows that this city has a lot of potential and just needs a few more workers :)

We also got a new washing machine and a new blender!!! We spent our morning reading the instructions for the washing machine and setting him up. He works great and is super quiet that we have to check on him every once and a while just to make sure that he didn´t break.

One of our blessings...after washing clothes by hand for over a month this washing machine is the most beautiful thing we´ve seen.

Our golden investigator, Elaine, accepted a baptismal date for the 5th of February and is solid. We´re going to be teaching her the word of wisdom this week because she drinks coffee (along with the rest of Brasil). But she´s a nurse, so she´ll understand the need to stop drinking coffee. She doesn´t drink coke anymore. She stopped drinking a while ago because she realized that she was addicted. She admitted that she´s addicted to coffee, so we´re going to give her the brazillian substitute that´s called Cevada. It´s a barely based drink that smells like coffee but doesn´t have any caffeine. (I don´t know how to spell that). I drank some of this at a member´s house and it´s basically disgusting

I was reading today in Jacob 5 and it talks about how the servant called other servants to help in the vineyard...but the number of servants was few. Here on the mission, we are seriously seeing the results of few laborers. March 2, three sisters will be going home and not a single one will be arriving until April...our numbers of missionaries are really low here on the mission, so it´s good to hear that there are youth that are getting ready to serve missions. I love being a missionary...I love Patos de Minas...I love Sister da Silva...and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ!

My love for´s such a pretty city

This view is close to our house and everytime I walk past it I have to stop a little while and just stare.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hearing From Rio Verde

This week was really great and the Lord has been blessing us with really great investigators. Two days ago we got a reference from a member...a lady called her and asked where the church was in the city of Patos. Because she was specifically asking for the location of the chapel here, we thought she was just a less active member or someone who recently moved into the city...but when we visited her, it turns out her nephew is visiting the church in São Paulo and recommended her to find a church in her city. We taught her (Elaine) the first discussion and she accepted everything! She was super excited to visit the church the next day, so we arranged for a member to pick her up and bring her to church. She LOVED it! I´m super greatful for the help of members who really included her and helped form friendships super fast. Really, the members make such a big difference in an investigators search for the truth. We´ve marked to visit her again later this week and we´ll be challenging her to accept baptism!

Our recent convert Deise gave her first talk in sacrament meeting this week about Baptism...I received a letter today from Sister Silvera who is still serving in Rio Verde and she told me that my other recent convert, Nuria, also gave a talk about the Holy Ghost. I love, love, LOVE seeing these members grow in the gospel. I know that the gospel moves lives; I´ve seen lives moved. I´m greatful that the Lord is using me to introduce His church to these people in Brasil...I love these people in Brasil!!!!!!

I forgot to write about the pictures last week...Nilziele´s baptism and a street in our area called Pirolito..which means lollipop in english. This explains why we are both holding lollipops :) This week´s photos... Companion love (check out the sweet dress/jumper an Irmã gave me!)

Lunch time!!! feeding the chickens @ the house of one of the members.

Monday, January 3, 2011


This week flew seems that all the weeks are starting to fly by. I hope that everyone had a great new years and that you all stayed up until midnight! Sis. Da Silva and I were at home before 9:30 and in bed by 10:30. We only woke up at midnight because of all the fireworks. Brazilians really love their fireworks. It was weird that New Years felt like any other work day on the mission. We did our visits, had our lunch appointments, and then went and knocked doors.

We were really blessed this week and got to see some great results because of our work. This past Sunday we had 7 investigators come to church. All of them we´ve been teaching for a few weeks, but until this past Sunday, none of them had kept the commitment to go to church. It´s such a good feeling when people are finally commited to making changes in their lives. I think this is part of the New Year´s resolutions. But the 2nd miracle has to do with who got baptized this past Sunday!!!!! (look at the 2nd photo) NILZIELE!!!! After 2 months of trying to get her mom to sign her baptismal form, the Lord softened her heart and this past Wednesday she signed it! Nilziele was scheduled to be baptized on the first of January, but because all of the members were traveling or with family, we had to reschedule for Sunday morning. It was one of the quickest baptismal services I´ve attended, but there were lots of members that participated. Nilziele is a special little girl that will grow up strong in the gospel...we just need to teach her to like the Primary. She prefers to sit in Relief Society with us than to sing with the other children :) This is such a great start to a new year and I´m excited for all the things that the Lord is preparing for me!