Friday, August 21, 2009

Little Miracle

I am back in Texas, but while I was still in Utah, I experienced a little miracle that had to do with my housing. I bought another year's contract for the condo I was living case mission plans fell through. When the doctor's told me I was free from any bizarre diseases that would keep me from turning in my papers, I intended to put my contract up for sale but a good friend told me that she planned to buy it from me, so I didn't post it's availability. 

Three weeks before I was going to go back to Texas, my friend told me that she had a change of plans and was getting ready to turn her papers in for a mission! Of course I was so excited for her...she will be a wonderful missionary, but I was in a pickle. I had my housing contract to sell in less than three weeks and if no one bought it, I would have to continue to pay rent for an entire year. With school starting up at BYU in less than a month, almost everyone that needed a place to live had one (I signed my contract back in February). Although the condo's location is super close to campus, it's a bit pricier than other housing complexes. I prayed that someone would buy my contract and then went and did my part. The next morning I posted my contract on several websites but was disappointed to see lists and lists of housing contracts for sell in the Provo area. Some had been up several weeks before mine! 

Before the day was over, I received an email from a girl who wanted to buy my contract! Less than 24 hours after I posted it available, and with so many other options for her to choose, she decided on mine! Heavenly Father is really watching out for me and I am so very grateful for that! 

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