Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photos Arrived For Christmas!

Due to the large number of missionaries in the MTC, it would be near to impossible for all of them to call home on Christmas day. Though we were not able to hear Erika's voice, we were blessed to open up a wonderful gift from her. . . . . . photos!!! I am sure that she would love for me to share some of these with you. Enjoy them. MERRY CHRISTMAS, from Sister Erika Riggs!!!

"First day with my companions. (L) Sister Kessler (R) Sister Knudsen"

Hallway of the quarantine building. . ."No, none of us have died from weird diseases. . .yet."

"Just doing some laundry."

"We made "We're Thankful for You" turkey hands for all the elders in our district for Thanksgiving Day."

"Aunty Renee sent me goodies!"

. . .and she shared it with her district. "Shaka for Aunty Renee!"

"With our American Sign Language missionary friends, signing 'I Love you!'"

"With adopt-a-district. . .they reported the same day as us." In front of the Provo Temple.

"The day Sister Kessler left for Brazil and the 'tri'umphant became a regular companionship."

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