Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Charity. . .seeketh not her own"

" One really neat thing that happened this past week was we had a family baptized into the ward! They felt that God had a purpose for them so they left their home and moved to Rio Verde two months ago. Celia (the wife) had a dream that the missionaries came to her house, taught her the lessons and she and her husband (Tiago) accepted it all. When she woke up from the nap where she had this dream, Sister Judd and I had just showed up at their house. Sister Judd and I were teaching them, but the Elders in our ward have been having such a hard time finding investigators. They´ve been fasting and praying to find an investigator who can be baptized this month, but their only baptism for the month fell through. After a tearful prayer, we decided to let the Elders finish the discussions and then let them baptize this special family. So the Elders got to be a part of the miracle and it turns out they were the ones that she saw in the dream!"

". . .this family (husband and wife) were baptized this past Sunday and it was super special! Sis. Judd and I had two baptisms of our own: Antonio and Carlos Henrique"

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  1. erika looks brazilian in this picture!!!!! I had to blow it up to tell which one was her :) Miss her.