Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Here is Erika's mailing address (it may change from time to time, as she transfers location. . . .be sure to always check out this blog site for any updates):

Rua Abel Pereiro de Castro, 819-Centro
75900-000 - Rio Verde, GO - Brazil

(NOTE: It MUST be written exactly like this.)

She wrote: "We had another baptism this week! A woman named Terezíla. She has faith like I´ve never seen before in anyone else. When we taught her, we would always extend a commitment for her to pray to know that our message was true/Joseph Smith was a prophet/ the Book of Mórmon is true. We extend this commitment with an understanding that they will pray once we leave the house or later on that night. But when we asked her to pray, she bowed her head right there in the middle of the lesson and prayed! And she would get an answer! She accepted everything we taught her and was baptized this past Sunday!"

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