Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eight Months Into Mission

We are starting to focus on a neighborhood that is close to the church but a lot of the people work, so they aren´t home during the week...but this is what you have to do when you´ve knocked every street in the other neighborhood (that´s what 6 months in one area will do to you.) We´re hoping to have success with a social class that´s a little wealthier.

Funny story...I got proposed to this week and he wasn´t drunk or joking. I was doing a street contact with a man when he interrupted me and asked if I was dating anyone. Random...but showed that he clearly wasn´t interested in the gospel. I invited him to come to church and he invited me to marry him.

This past week, the branch had an activity to celebrate "Festa Julina" It´s a festa (party) that should take place in June, but the ward wasn´t ready in June, so it got postponed to July. I´m not exactly sure what the history is behind the festa...it has something to do with a wedding at a fazenda (farm). So in the photos you can see the costumes that they use and they had tradicional food. The missionaries didn´t get to eat anything because even though the activity started at 7:30 the food wasn´t ready when we left a little after 9 pm. They performed some dances and I got to film them. Ward activities are something we missionaries love. It´s an instant way for investigators to get to know members in a laid back setting without having to worry about fitting in. I love the Brazilian culture and the people here who love having get togethers...reminds me of Polynesians.

The chapel got a deep cleaning this Saturday. Cleaning the church is super different here in Brazil because the buildings are made differently. There´s no carpet and no wallpaper...which meant water gets thrown everywhere and the members just have at it. I was put in charge of cleaning the walls. The walls are textured concrete so I got to scrub and scrub and scrub. Other members were taking down curtains to wash, trimming bushes, and in general flooding the corredors with water. It was super fun!

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