Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Maos que ajudam"

Erika has a new companion. She went to the mission home to get her. She says of Sister Chipman:

"She´s excited to baptize and has a deep love for the gospel and I know that this is going to make all the difference in our work here in Rio Verde. "

Service Opportunities:

"The church has a program here in Brazil known as “Mãos que ajudam” (Hands that Help). It´s an opportunity for the members to do a service project for the community. Our district here in Rio Verde cleaned a park…which meant we cleaned a soccer court and painted over graffiti. I painted and was super lucky that the paint they used washes out because I got paint on my skirt and camera bag. Yesterday we helped Nuria (my recent convert) with the birthday party she had planned for her 2 youngest children: Witorya and Witor Hugo. I love Nuria soooooooooooo much and admire the strength and determination she has. The elders, the sisters and one of Nuria´s friends from beauty school moved furniture, washed dishes, made food, set up decorations, cleaned floors and got everything ready. I´m trying super hard to get Nuria to love the gospel more than the missionaries because I know it will be super rough for her when I get transferred.

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