Monday, August 30, 2010

Regina and Cristiani

Saturday night we were on our way to teach our investigator, Cristiani. She´s progressing SUPER well and accepted baptism for 18th of September. Well...we were walking to her house when we found her getting a pedicure in the front area of her friend´s house. We stopped by to see what time she would be finishing up and the manicurist said. "I´ve been to every church here in Rio Verde except for yours. Tomorrow I´m going to go to your church." It was completely unexpected, especially since Sis. Judd and I taught her the first discussion way back in March. She wasn´t interested, so we didn´t continue visiting her. Her house is in the middle of our area, so we pass by it almost every day. She works from home as a manicurist and everytime we pass by, we say hello. Six months after we taught her the first discussion, she´s decided she wants to visit the church. And yesterday, she went! She even brought her 3 children with her!

We stopped by her house (her name is Regina) after church to see if she had any questions and she said that after visiting every church, she´s finally found the one she wants to stay in! She loves the fact that the church is all about serving others because she loves serving others. She says that we are an inspiration to her because we are young, but willingly gave up our lives to serve here as missionaries. So...we are going to start teaching her and I´m excited to see what the result will be.

Harvesting Jabuticaba

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