Monday, September 6, 2010

Visit By Elder Godoy

This week is transfers and everything is up in the air. We have 2 baptisms marked for the weekend after transfers and I am hoping that I can stay long enough to see our 2 investigators baptized

Last week we had the priviledge...priveledge...privelidge (I´m forgetting english...all these words are suddenly super hard to spell)...last week we were blessed to listen to Elder Godoy. He´s a member of the first quorum of the 70 and is part of the presidency for the area of Brazil. He spoke about some of the changes that are happening in ALL the missions in the entire world. . . . that missionaries will be staying in their areas for longer periods of time. The average missionary will stay in one are anywhere from 6-8 months. I asked Pres. Prieto if this means I can stay one more transfer in Rio Verde and his response left me super curious. He said that there is going to be one sister arriving in the field, so there is going to be an odd number of sisters and that he has a surprise that I´m going to find out about before 15 de September. GAH!!! I´m not good with these kind of suspense/surprises!

The conference was great and I took a bunch of notes about what he said. I love listening to servants of the Lord speak, because you can feel the spirit testify about everything they say. During the meeting I was the music director. They originally asked me to play the piano...but I quickly shot that idea down, and they settled to let me conduct.

We had lunch after the conference and then they announced that there were going to be a few missionaries who would be interviewed. They called my name and the name of my zone leader. I thought...yes! I can ask Pres. Prieto more about this surprise he´s preparing...but I was surprised when I entered the room to be interviewed and there was Elder Godoy!

Water balloons on Preparation Day

Cristus at the bus stop

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