Saturday, November 21, 2009

District Chupa-Chupa

Erika writes: "I really am loving my district. We have dubbed ourselves district chupa-chupa. One of our teachers served in Mozambique and told us that means lollipop. Our other teacher served in Brazil and said that chupa-chupa translate to mean suck-suck. . .not lollipop. We got such a kick out of it that we made it our motto. So. . . chupa-chupa!"

Apparently, Erika lives in the quarantine building (where missionaries who are too sick to be with their companions stay). Due to the overload in missionaries at the MTC, Erika and her companions live on the 4th floor of the quarantine building. (The quaratine floors are actually the 2 floors below Erikas floor. . . . )

Every Sunday the missionaries have a special teacher for Relief Society (women's auxiliary) and Fireside. This past week Sis. Oaks taught Relief Society and Sis. Sheri Dew was the fireside speaker. Erika sat in the 5th row and had a great view!!

Erika also wrote: "My new love is volleyball. In the mornings I run a mile on the track and then go down onto the court to play volleyball with my companion Sister Knudsen and elders from other zones and districts. Neither of us are very good, but the elders are excited to play with sisters and show off a little bit, so they don't mind. Yesterday I was getting into it and totally dove for the ball. I got it over the net. . . I also got burns on my knee!"

"Today we got to go to the temple for our p-day (preparation day). I love the temple!"

Stacy, Nat, and Amy: Erika gets to see Elizabeth at least every Tuesday night. Elizabeth sings in the MTC choir that performs at the Tuesday night devotional.

Everyone please note that Erika's address has changed slightly.

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