Sunday, November 29, 2009

Coordinating Sister

Calling: Erika received a calling (special assignment) in the branch (congregation unit). She says, "I am the coordinating sister which is basically the zone leader for the sisters."

Physical Fitness: "I dove again this past week and got a gym burn on my left knee. Volleyball is super fun!"

Thanksgiving Day: "We had the usual: turkey, potatoes, pumpkin pie. . . .setting up tables for the service project the MTC did later that day. . . .For our thanksgiving devotional in the morning, our speaker was Jeffrey R. Holland! He is a wonderful speaker that speaks with such great power and with the Spirit."

Highlight: "Last Sunday our fireside speaker was Dallin H. Oaks. For reals! Two general authorities in the same week! Things like that make me greatful that I am here in Provo."

Training: "I memorized the first vision in portuguese. . .Today we get to teach an 'investigator' the first discussion. It's where volunteers from the community come in and we practice carrying on a simple conversation with them in Portuguese and then we teach them one of the discussions. "

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