Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So this week the world cup starts...I´m not exactly sure how this is going to work with tracting. No one is going to let us into their homes to teach a lesson in the middle of the game. Just imagine...Can we turn off the tv to offer a prayer? That´s a death wish! I´ve heard that on Brazil´s game days, it´s a study day for the missionaries. They stay home and get a few extra hours of study time...I hope that´s the case with us! That´s one thing that´s changed on the mission for sure. Before I thought that an hour of scriptures study was sooooooo long, but now I´m realizing that an hour isn´t nearly enough time to study all the things that I want to.

Read this scripture...it´s pretty much amazing: Romans 15:4

But one thing that´s good is my language. It sure has picked up a lot with Sis. Santos as my companion and I´m understanding pretty much everthing that our investigators and street contacts say to me. Maybe because it´s always the same questions/comments, but I like to think that I´m finally getting the hang of Portuguese.

Funny story. We were visiting Celia and Tiago this past week and Tiago was explaining what he does for work. He works in the Perdigão...it´s like a giant farm. Most people here in Rio Verde work in the Perdigão. His job is to sort the chicks as they come through on an assembly line. Because the chickens there are raised with chemicals and other junk, the chickens have wierd deformities. He was explaining some of them, including chicks with 2 heads "duas cabezas." When he said this he stopped, looked at me and repeated super slow using hand gestures..."duas" holding up 2 fingers "cabezas" pointing to his head. He had been talking about equipment in the factory, using words I´ve never even heard, but he felt the need to explain to me something as simple as duas cabezas! We all got a good laugh out of it and now whenever he says something really basic, he repeats it super slow for me! Oh the joys of being American.

1. When I think of Rio Verde, I think of this windmill in the middle of the suburb. OH I LOVE THIS CITY!
2. Because of the blazing sun, we bought these umbrellas. They´re made for hot sunny days, and won´t last very long once the rainy season starts again. My umbrella is smaller than Sis. Santos´...I think it´s a children´s umbrella...it would explain the little girl pattern :)
3. I´m not a impulse spender...but I just had to! It´s my name...KAKA! It´s a brazilian jersey for the world cup and this player is apparently super cute. All the brazilian girls in the ward have a crush on him...

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