Thursday, June 3, 2010


One of our recent converts has been really sick this past month and a half. She refused to go to the hospital because she´s scared of the I.V.s. Instead, she´s been trying to tough it out, but she has been having really bad stomach pains and random fevers. This past Sunday she started bleeding and rushed to the emergency room where she found out that she was pregnant and just had a miscarriage. When we went to visit her in the hospital, she was very upbeat and said that these things happen sometimes, but that we need to depend on God. Yesterday she was released from the hospital so we visited her at her house. It was a surprise visit and we found her and her husband reading the scriptures together. She´s bed ridden for 5 days and can´t do any work for 2 weeks because of the surgery. She has the most faith I´ve ever seen. She gave the opening prayer before our message and instead of saying "Please bless me that I can have comfort in this trial" she said "We´re thankful for our difficulties that make us stronger." I love her and the example that she is for me! Even when things are rough, she´s quick to count her blessings and find the good in the situation.

As you can tell from the photos, we got an oven! Let´s just say it is FILTHY! We had the elders light it up just to make sure there weren´t any rats or cockroaches living inside it. I don´t want to move any diseases into our house! Today we are going to give it a gooooooood scrubbing so that we can use it this week. Have any suggestions on how to remove months of grease and fat from a stove top? But we´re happy that we don´t have to live on microwavable food anymore (although the eggs and cake turned out real well). (Picture: Elder Musshoph e Elder DeSousa, the elders that helped us move the oven to our house. )

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  1. Foi muito ruim o que aconteçeu a Célia, mas ela é uma mulher de fé ... e vai dar tudo certo. Amo vocês!!!