Monday, January 10, 2011

Hearing From Rio Verde

This week was really great and the Lord has been blessing us with really great investigators. Two days ago we got a reference from a member...a lady called her and asked where the church was in the city of Patos. Because she was specifically asking for the location of the chapel here, we thought she was just a less active member or someone who recently moved into the city...but when we visited her, it turns out her nephew is visiting the church in São Paulo and recommended her to find a church in her city. We taught her (Elaine) the first discussion and she accepted everything! She was super excited to visit the church the next day, so we arranged for a member to pick her up and bring her to church. She LOVED it! I´m super greatful for the help of members who really included her and helped form friendships super fast. Really, the members make such a big difference in an investigators search for the truth. We´ve marked to visit her again later this week and we´ll be challenging her to accept baptism!

Our recent convert Deise gave her first talk in sacrament meeting this week about Baptism...I received a letter today from Sister Silvera who is still serving in Rio Verde and she told me that my other recent convert, Nuria, also gave a talk about the Holy Ghost. I love, love, LOVE seeing these members grow in the gospel. I know that the gospel moves lives; I´ve seen lives moved. I´m greatful that the Lord is using me to introduce His church to these people in Brasil...I love these people in Brasil!!!!!!

I forgot to write about the pictures last week...Nilziele´s baptism and a street in our area called Pirolito..which means lollipop in english. This explains why we are both holding lollipops :) This week´s photos... Companion love (check out the sweet dress/jumper an Irmã gave me!)

Lunch time!!! feeding the chickens @ the house of one of the members.

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