Monday, January 24, 2011

Eunice, Ezequiel, Elaine, Rita

Another week flown by here in Patos de Minas. This week was pretty exciting because we got ELDERS!!!! Presidente Prieto really wants the branch to split, so he´s sending some help. We ´re hoping that not only our number of baptisms will increase but that we will be able to bring some less active members back to church

Sister da Silva have found some really great people to teach. Eunice and her son Ezequiel are full of questions and even when they have time to hear "a short lesson" they talk a ton and ask some really great questions. Tonight we´re going to give them the invitation to accept baptism. Our golden investigator Elaine. . . participates in the ward choir every Sunday night and even asked to be put on our lunch calendar! Rita, the mother of a missionary who´s serving in São Paulo is coming to church regularly on her own. This past week she turned down an invitation to go out and drink...success!!! She stopped making coffee at home...success!!! She just needs to stop drinking coffee while she´s working and gain a testimony of the gospel. She doesn´t want to be pressured into being baptized, so we´re focusing on reading the Book of Mormon with her every lesson. She has problems with her sight and can´t spend a lot of time reading. We´re hoping that with a testimony of the Book of Mormon she´ll also gain the desire to be baptized. I know that this would be the best news for her son in the mission field!

The members are ready to help with the work. With both elders and sisters both the Irmãos and Irmãs are going to be going on visits. They´ve been approaching us to pass references and offer to show us where some less active members live. I´m loving how involved they are becoming in the work!

This Friday the missionaries are going to be hosting a fashion show. We´re focusing on the youth, so they´ll be the models of modest clothing and we´re also going to be playing some games that touch on the topics of "For the Strength of the Youth." We´re excited and the members are excited, so it´s going to be a success!!!! (I´ll send photos next week.)

These photos have a great story. I sleep with my bed against the wall under the window. One night there was something banging around in the window and it woke me up 430 in the morning. I shown the cellular´s light but I didn´t see anything, so I tried to go back to sleep. Well...2 days later, the window wouldn´t close and when I looked to see what was blocking the window, I number one!!!! Ugh! I couldn´t bring myself to go anywhere near the lizard, so Sis. da Silva braved it and tried pulling him out...until his tail fell off! With a ruler, toilet paper and a plastic bag, she managed to pry him gross!!!! Another exciting adventure on the mission!!!

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