Monday, January 3, 2011


This week flew seems that all the weeks are starting to fly by. I hope that everyone had a great new years and that you all stayed up until midnight! Sis. Da Silva and I were at home before 9:30 and in bed by 10:30. We only woke up at midnight because of all the fireworks. Brazilians really love their fireworks. It was weird that New Years felt like any other work day on the mission. We did our visits, had our lunch appointments, and then went and knocked doors.

We were really blessed this week and got to see some great results because of our work. This past Sunday we had 7 investigators come to church. All of them we´ve been teaching for a few weeks, but until this past Sunday, none of them had kept the commitment to go to church. It´s such a good feeling when people are finally commited to making changes in their lives. I think this is part of the New Year´s resolutions. But the 2nd miracle has to do with who got baptized this past Sunday!!!!! (look at the 2nd photo) NILZIELE!!!! After 2 months of trying to get her mom to sign her baptismal form, the Lord softened her heart and this past Wednesday she signed it! Nilziele was scheduled to be baptized on the first of January, but because all of the members were traveling or with family, we had to reschedule for Sunday morning. It was one of the quickest baptismal services I´ve attended, but there were lots of members that participated. Nilziele is a special little girl that will grow up strong in the gospel...we just need to teach her to like the Primary. She prefers to sit in Relief Society with us than to sing with the other children :) This is such a great start to a new year and I´m excited for all the things that the Lord is preparing for me!

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