Thursday, February 3, 2011

Future Missionary

This week was a rush to get everything going with our "modest fashion show." We were running around confirming with the members who were given assignments and the youth who would be modeling. When Friday night came around, I was excited but also nervous. I´m learning how to delegate responsibilities here on the mission, but I´m still trying to overcome the "if I don´t do it, it won´t get done" syndrome. Apparently Sister da Silva alos has this complex :) Well...we marked for the models to be at the church 6:30 pm to do a quick run through before the activity started 7 pm. Well...the activity didn´t end up starting until almost 8 pm and there were models still showing up 8:40 pm! I was stressed, Sister da Silva was stressed, but in the end, the members really enjoyed the activity. The youth hammed it up on our red carpet and our presentor (who talks about what each model is wearing) was Irmã Sandra, and she stole the show with her witty comments. The missionaries ended up running home, which is nothing unusual with a branch activity because they always go until late.

The branch is setting some great goals in order to accomplish the big goal of dividing the branch into two. They´re focusing on passing more references to the missionaries and reactivating families. We´re going to be super busy this transfer trying to divide our time between less actives and investigators...but good news...Elaine is going to be baptized this Saturday and one of our old investigators...Gilvani (I think in past emails I wrote Geovane). He was traveling the past 3 weeks and everytime we called him to see if we could mark a lesson, he said that he was out of town and didn´t know when he would be returning. For missionaries this response is the response of someone trying to avoid the missionaries. our surprise he walked into Sunday school yesterday! Not only did he come to church, but while he was traveling, he found a church in the city he was visiting and attended these past few Sundays. Sister da Silva talked with him and he said that he wants to be baptized soon...we marked next Saturday! So we´ve got 2 baptisms marked and we´re excited to be so blessed with such great investigators! What a great way to start of the month!

I love the area, my companion and the work. The mission is without a doubt the hardest but most rewarding thing I´ve done in my life. This is why we´re looking and focusing on sending some people into the mission field. I´ve written my recent convert in Rio Verde, Samuel about serving a mission. He´s going to have his one year anniversary as a member in April. One year after being baptized you can send in your papers, so I´m hoping he´s getting ready!

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