Monday, February 21, 2011

"Holey" Shoe

Our elect...Jessica, can´t be baptized until her mom gives her permission...which could take a while. Her mom doesn´t even want to listen to any of the discussions, but she won´t let Jessica get baptized until she learns more about the church.

The Lord blessed us by sending 2 investigators to church that weren´t invited by anoyone. Last sunday we had a fireside about missionary work and as part of the fireside, the youth went out on the streets and handed out pass along cards. They gave one to a guy named Oscar and this Sunday Oscar came to church with his mom! We´re going to visit them this week and we´ll see what the Lord has planned for them! Really...the Lord is preparing this branch to split. This past Sunday we hit the big 100. 100 people were in the sacrament meeting this past Sunday!!! On average we have in the high 80´s or low 90´s so this is huge!

On a side I will be buying some new shoes. black pair has a lovely hole in the bottom which is not so great when it rains. We´re going to go looking around today and. . . I´ll buy a cheap pair that will last exactly 3 months :)

these are the prison bars that are on our windows...and all the other houses here in Brasil. I think it has something to do with break-ins.

BIG PATO...our yummy cheeseburger that was super romantic for valentine´s day.

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