Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Christlike Attribute

Another week in the life of Sister Riggs has flown by. We spent a lot of time waiting and catching buses this week (hence the photo) to visit less actives, investigators and lunch appointments.

The young women´s, primary and relief society organizations have been reorganized...with new presidencies. The leadership in the branch is great which just proves that this branch has great potential. I love this branch and am learning a ton here working with the leaders and members. But it doens´t matter how good the leadership is...every member needs to gain their personal testimony of the gospel. Salvation is a personal thing...something that we´re really working with the less actives here. Too many people stop coming to church because they were offended because of something someone said. But what´s interesting is that by leaving the church the only person that looses blessings is you. It doesn´t matter how many times you read the scriptures or say your prayers, nothing can take the place of taking the sacrament weekly.

Every week Sister da Silva and I choose a Christlike attribute to work on. We´ve noted that when we choose a characteristic, that´s when the trials come. When we chose humility this week...we were a little hesitant to find out what the Lord would send to "help" us develop this attribute. All in all it´s important to recognize that without the help of our Heavenly Father we are nothing. This week´s attribute is Faith in Jesus Christ...

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