Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Apartment Hunting and Cake Bake Off

We´re working hard to find people to teach. We´ve got an activity planned for this Saturday...a Cake bake off and recipe exchange. The Irmãs are super excited, but we need to remind them that the purpose is not about the cake but to bring friends and introduce the church to them. We´ll see who the members bring. We´re inviting all of our investigators and everyone else we find on the street.

This week has also been spent looking for a new house to rent. The owner of the house we´re living in has randomly decided that she needs to use one of the rooms in our house. She won´t say what for...but there is no way I´m going to give a copy of our house key to anyone. So...we´re looking for a new house. Unfortunately, the road that enters the city is under MAJOR construction and all the construction companies are housing their employees here in the city. This means...no houses for rent. We´re keeping our eyes and ears open, in hopes to arrange something soon. This reminds me of apartment hunting...glad that mom took care of that.

zone activity....yes..the elders played water balloons, but the sisters stayed out of it.

the overpass we take to get to our zone meetings every tuesday...we have to catch a 30 minute bus to arrive in the city of Aparecida.

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