Friday, May 20, 2011

The End

Well...I can't believe that I'm the one writing on the blog again. Yes, this is Erika. I came home yesterday bright and early and last night was released from being a full time missionary. I can't believe that the end has come but I'm thankful for all that Heavenly Father has taught me in these past 18 months. Serving a mission was the hardest and best decision that I've made in my life and if I could, I would do it all over again.
I know that this is the true church with the priesthood power from God. I'm greatful for church leaders who guide us and bless us in every moment of our lives and I'm greatful for the special moments I had on the mission that strengthened me and challenged me. I loved being a missionary and will love being able to help the missionary work here in my own country...but how I already miss Brasil.
The adjusting will take some time...but I won't be changing the spirit that I've felt the past 18's just going to get better!
Thanks for keeping up with my mission and for helping my mom when she hit difficulties with the blog :)




  1. My son is going to the Goiania mission in August. I would love to get some information about what he can expect and if there are some tips or hints you can give him ahead of time. My name is Jerilyn Pool and my email address is Thanks!

  2. Hi Sister Riggs! My name is Spencer :) I was searching for Brazil missions when I stumbled across your blog and had the feeling that I should read it. I'm glad I did. The stories and experiences you shared were so incredible. It sounds like you had an amazing time in Brazil. I feel so glad and humbled when I hear about sisters like you, who take the time out of their lives to serve the Lord and truly fall in love with the work.

    The reason why I am posting this is because I have been called to serve in the Brazil Goiania mission as well! I report to the Brazil MTC in November.

    I am so excited to get out into the field and serve my Heavenly Father, but I am also very nervous and a little scared too. I was just wondering--if it's not too much trouble--if you could give me some information about Goiania and Brazil. Just any tips you have, anything you wish you had known beforehand or anything you wish you had had with you in the mission field. Really anything you can think of to share with me. I would really appreciate it and it would help me out a lot :)

    Thank you so much for your loving service! And thanks for taking the time and consideration to read this :)

    My email address is

    Thanks again!
    -Elder Spencer Eastwood

  3. Sister Riggs! I have been called to the Goiania Mission too and I report to the MTC April 10th. :) I just had a couple questions about some things I should get and I was wondering if I could get your opinion on what was best. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

    My email is

    Kaitlynn Nall

  4. Sister Riggs! I also have been called to serve in the Goiania Brazil mission and I am so excited! I found your blog and loved every post, it is so inspiring and I loved the stories and experiences you shared. I report to the MTC in August and I also was wondering if you had advice about clothes, food, advice, and what you wish you had known before your mission. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.
    My email address is

    Ellen Brotherson