Monday, May 16, 2011

Last Entry By Truly Yours. . . . .Erika's Mom

Well...this is it! The last email home! The time has flown by, but I´m excited to see everyone again this week! We had lots of fun this past week recording the CD. Unfortunately, it won´t be ready until the end of next week...but the mission office promised me that they´d be mailing me a copy, so that´s something to look forward to. As you can see from the photo it was an officail recording studio that had giant bank doors to keep sound out. We used headsets and spiffy microphones that picked up everything...even the shuffling of shoes! We sang some group numbers and then we sang the duets and solos. OHHHHHH.....I LOVE MUSIC!!! I´m excited to see how the CD turns out! We spent almost 3 days practicing and recording and catching buses, so this week went by quickly.

The ward found out yesterday that I´m going home this week. They asked me to give a talk next week and my response was "I would love to, but I can´t. I´m going to be in a different country." That let the cat out of the bag and everyone found out at the same time that my mission is almost over :) Until yesterday nobody knew that I was going home so soon! Just how I wanted it! So...we said some goodbyes yesterday and then I finished packing. I´m surprised at how much so little can weigh! I have practically nothing in my bags, but they are super heavy! It´s all those journals I wrote in these past months...heavy stuff.

They want me to be in Goiânia tomorrow...first thing in the morning...but I´m trying to see if we can go tonight...I´m not to excited about catching the bus 5 am when everyone else in the city is going to Goiânia to work or school. So, we´ll see what happens...but whatever happens, I´ll be seeing you in a few days!!!! CRAZY!!!

I´m not sure what all you have planned for when I come home. But, if we don´t do family dinner, I would like for us to go out and eat @ Texas Roadhouse. I´m from Texas and I´ve never eaten there!

I´ve loved my mission and I´m looking forward to sharing my experiences with all of prepared for some storytime!!!! Thank you for your support and prayers this past year and a half!

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  1. Our daughter Sloane is friends with Sister Riggs so I have been following her postings. Sloane is on temple square so quite a bit different missionary experience. While there is a huge difference in their living conditions and the different methods they used to spread the Gospel the spirit from each mission is same. Hope she evenutally gets to eat that Texas Road House Steak!