Friday, May 21, 2010

Sister Judd. . . . . . .Sister Santos

This week has been full of adjustments. I have a new companion! Sis. Judd finished her mission and is back in St. George and my new companion, Sis. Santos is from São Paulo. She´s a recent convert who will celebrate her 3rd year as a member while on the mission. Sis. Judd pushed me a lot and now I have to regroup and learn to push myself. I was the soft one in the companionship with Sis. Judd. If an investigator wanted sympathy for their excuses as to why they didn´t read or go to church, they directed their questions to me but now I´ve become the brass knuckles.

Me with Presidente and Sister Tobias after our 3 hour car ride together to take Sis. Judd to Goiânia.

Beautiful Brazil...picture from our 4 1/2 hour bus ride from Goiânia to Rio Verde. This past week was FREEZING! One member said it was 5 degraus. I have no idea what the conversion rate is for a degrau, but it sounds cold! I went to sleep with my crazy pants, knee length sweats, and basketball shorts, 2 t-shirts, my windbreaker, blazer jacket, 3 pairs of socks on my feet and 1 pair on my comfortor and 2 towels. Luckily the cold front here in Brazil lasts less than a week, and now it´s back to blazing.

Last night we got to take one of our recent converts, Samuel, on some visits with us. He got to help with the lessons and is fellowshipping a man named José who we are preparing to baptize this Sunday. After our lesson with José he quickly said, "Essa mensagem nos deixamos com você em nome de Jesus Cristo, amém. Sempre quería dizer isso!" (translation: This message we leave with you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. I´ve always wanted to say this!) He was super excited to help us and we are working on sending him on a mission of his own. He´s 19 years old and would be the best missionary! He answers all the questions in Gospel Principles and asks really good questions, too. I feel like a mom. I´m so proud of him!

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