Monday, March 14, 2011


Besides hearing about Japan, this week was good. We´re teaching Patricia still and she´s really progressing. Before, she didn´t understand why she had to stop drinking coffee before her baptism, she didn´t think it was necessary. We bought some Cevada...which is the substitute for coffee in the church here in Brazil. She´s been drinking it and these past few days has been having terrible migraines! She started laughing when she told us how irritated she´s been these past few days and how the headaches aren´t going away. She realizes that she really was addicted to coffee and that it really is bad for your body. She stopped smoking without a problem, and stopped drinking beer without a problem, but it´s the coffee that´s giving her problems. She´s now more determined not to drink any coffee which is perfect!

As you can see from the photos, our investigator, Edna, who was 4 months pregnant when I first started teaching her, gave birth! A big healthy baby boy...Lazaro Henrique! We saw him his first night at home and he´s such a good baby. It reminded me of baby Kate and the last time I saw her, she was this size and now she´s super big!

Today the battle to look for new shoes is going to continue. The last time I wrote about the shoes, I went looking and they didn´t have my size in any of the stores. The only shoes they had in my size were polk-a-dotted or high heeled which doesn´t go over to well here in the mission. I´m going to try in some other stores that aren´t in the center of the city and I´ll let you know if I have any luck. I need new shoes because these 2 pairs are had it. This past week we had a big rain storm that left us huddling together in the only space with a roof...the front entry way to a house´s front gate. The lightning took out the power in the street for a few minutes and poor Sister Ferreira is scared of lightning! When the storm started to calm down, we headed off to our next appointment and my poor shoes got soaked. All this rain and sun is taking it´s toll ....has taken its toll on my shoes and I´ll be looking for a new pair today.

Speaking of new shoes...I got a phone call from the mission office and I´ll be finishing my mission May 18 which means I should be coming home May 19 or 20 (it all depends on flight plans.) They said they´ll be sending me my flight plans soon and you should be getting a copy too. but let´s not think about the end...I still need to baptize a few more people :)

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